Saturday, 9 July 2011


After returning from our 2 week Holiday (Vacation) I can now update on Minnie.

Minnie was quite poorly in the early hours of this morning; she had a severe alergic reaction, where  she was very sick and and scratched her skin till it was very red,  we are not sure what the alergic reaction was. but a visit was made to her Vet who gave Minnie an antibiotic injection, also a steroid injection.
 Her ears and skin were very inflamed and she also had a raised temp so  in three weeks she will have blood tests, the wait is because of the steroid  injection.

Minnie was also taken off Beta food  and was put on The Science Diet. however she will visit her vet again On Monday.

 Her Metacam medication  was also removed.

I will update after her next visit to her Vet on Monday.